The 8th Annual CHDS/UAPI Faculty Development Workshop will be held 26-30 June, in Monterey, California.

During the five-day workshop, there will be presentations from CHDS faculty on their approach to teaching core Homeland Security topics (including Introduction to HS, Intelligence, Technology, and Comparative HS). We also will have partner university-led discussions on new initiatives in HS education. Note that the presentations, while informative, really are opportunities for give-and-take conversations on key topics of interest to HS education.

CHDS will provide lodging and expenses (Sunday arrival, and either Friday or Saturday departure). Please note that participants will be responsible for transportation to/from Monterey.

If you have been invited to attend by Steve Recca, please complete the online registration process.

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The workshop will be a valuable opportunity to share and exchange information as we continue to mature the Homeland Security education field. If you have questions regarding the event or the application process, please contact Steve Recca (

The 7th Annual CHDS/UAPI Faculty Development Workshop was held 08-12 August 2016, in Monterey, California.

Read more about the 2016 workshop on the CHDS website.

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